• 22 years of risk management
    in Turkey
    with AON.

    Risk Masters who have gained success from Turkey and all over the world, will be sharing their experiences with Aon; a world leader in human resource consultancy, risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokering.


“Courage means calculable risk”.

Success comes with managing while predicting risk. In its 20th year, AON Turkey thanks the individuals, who have managed to see the positive façade of risk and have reached the very peak of living with risk in the fields of business, art, science, sports and civil society. AON supports “a social awareness to reveal the significance of correct risk management”, and welcomes recognized individuals to talkabout their successes achieved through correct risk management.

Risky Talks

An experience sharing project to be held at Soho House İstanbul every month by individuals who have correctly perceived and managed risk and attained success in their own field. The first Risky Talk will be in October where each AON Risk Master will have session s with a closed or small group of media members or with a more extensive group of guests including media representatives or with a single member of media. You can follow the project here involving some of the international risk masters through webinars.

Among Aon Risk Masters there are significant names from Turkey and from abroad  who will share their experiences in correct risk management associated with 27 different concepts.

Risk Masters. World famous soccer trainers qualified as living legends, an entrepreneur, who amazed the world with the risk he took by establishing the first space travel company to the Turkish entreprenaurs with successful projects leading to successful investments are among the wide range of guests.

You can follow here important concepts about risk management and related Risk Masters.

About Aon

Through its more than 62,000 colleagues worldwide, AON unites to empower results for clients in over 120 countries via innovative and effective risk and people solutions and through industry-leading global resources and technical expertise. Advanced technical experts provide efficient solutions to the clients worldwide in the fields of labor efficiency and risk management through vast information sources and accumulated knowledge in insurance sector.

AON Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Company is the company of AON Corporation in Turkey. The company is fully owned by AON Corp.

AON Turkey is a leading organization in the field of insurance and reinsurance brokerage, risk management and consultancy.

Prevention of loss and damage, alternative risk transfer methods, designing insurance programs, preservation and development of human capital are some of the wide range of flexible and creative solutions provided by AON.

The secret of AON’s success lies in the experience of its global organization as well as its educated personnel accessing updated information all of the time.

AON Turkey provides an easy and effective link to access the rich international expertise and sources of AON Corp.

The name of the company; AON is in Celtic, which means unity and singularity. It means to provide the creative solutions of AON to our worldwide clients as a single organization; as a united body.

AON managed to become the top broker in the world through accurate service strategies and high-level customer satisfaction.

AON has been on the global stage since the beginning of 1990’s and established its strong service network by acquiring the top five-brokerage and risk management companies of the world.

The essence of AON’s success lies in its client-focused endeavor. Rather than adopting updated and popular solutions or products we try to understand our client, learn the related risks, address the problem and pay attention to bringing together a team of experts with necessary skills to develop the accurate solution. We think only by this way we can be more beneficial to the organizations in identifying the risks and assisting them to attain success.


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